In response to the questions we’ve received from guests and visitors, we decided to include a FAQ page to our site. If you have other questions, please feel free to email us!

Are you open for lunch?

No, we are open for dinner only. Although we are available for private lunch parties of 20 or more.  If you’re really hankering to have our food for lunch, we operate the Fruitlands Museum Cafe in Harvard, MA, which is open for lunch between April 15th and the end of October each year

What is your dress code?

Come as you are! We welcome you in your blue jeans or your finest dress!

Are you open every day?

Yes! We open for dinner every day at 4 PM.

Do you serve your own cows at the restaurant?

When available, yes.  Gibbet Hill ground beef is used in the occasional appetizer or special.  Our steaks do not come from our herd however.  If our steaks came from within our herd, we would go through our entire herd within a month!

Do you sell gift certificates? Can I buy them over the phone or through this web site?

We sell gift certificates and they can be processed in three ways: 1.You can come in person to the restaurant and purchase them any day after 12:00 noon. 2. Gift Certificates can be purchased over the phone (978) 448-2900 by using a credit card and we will mail it to you or another recipient. 3. Look to your right about four inches.  You can use this website to purchase gift certificates via credit card or Paypal and we mail them out to you. (It is not an option to print gift certificates at home.)

Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are accepted and recommended, especially on the weekends. However, walk-ins are welcome for parties under 4 guests. Call our Reservation Team at 978-448-2900 to inquire about our reservation availability.

How come you don’t have Happy Hour at the Grill?

Massachusetts Law forbids bars from having Happy Hours or other nightly drink specials. But if you come by the bar, we promise we’ll be happy anyway!

I’ve heard about a castle at the top of the hill…what’s that all about?

General William Amos Bancroft, Mayor of Cambridge, inherited the farm in 1873 from his father. In 1906 he built a lodge and turret of stone and stucco near the top of the hill. Later, he planned to build a castle at the top of the hill as his main residence. He lived in the lodge and tower but planned to turn it into a stable when his castle was built. Unfortunately, the money for his project ran out and he had to abandon his plans.

In 1918 Dr. Harold Ayers purchased Gibbet Hill and turned Gen. Bancroft’s stone residence into a private sanitarium, “Groton Private Hospital,” which accepted all but “insane and contagious patients” for twenty dollars a week, and after World War I housed tuberculosis patients. Dr. Ayers built a fieldstone home and clubhouse farther up the hill which was used by the Groton Hunt Club in the 1930s.

On July 4, 1932, a fireworks display burned down the castle bungalow built by Gen. Bancroft, leaving just the turret and the stone foundation behind. This turret and foundation are still near the top of the hill today and can be seen from the trails that cross through the farm.

A horse barn, situated between the castle and Dr. Ayers’ hospital, remained after the fire of 1932. The barn was in severe disrepair, and was burned by farm manager Bill Conley in 1951. The foundation was buried in 1960 when the hospital was finally torn down.

What is the name of the paint color on the restaurant walls?

Benjamin Moore Quincy Tan

Who did the decorating?

We hired interior designer Peter Niemitz of the Niemitz Design Group. Niemitz has also designed such places as Legal Seafoods, Grill 23, Clio, the Capital Grille, and Foundry on Elm.

Was the restaurant built from the ground up or was it renovated?

The Grill and The Barn were both renovated from barns originally built around the turn of the century. Until October of 2003 the barns still held cattle.

Are the barn boards on the walls and ceilings from the barn itself?

While most of the beams are original, the boards on the ceiling and walls are from a turn-of-the-century barn in New Hampshire.

How do you pronounce “Gibbet”?

JIB-bet. It is an old English term for a gallows or hangman’s noose

Are you looking for restaurant servers, cooks, or other team members?

We are always accepting applications for qualified staff members. Click here for more information on employment.


Gift Certificate

Gibbet Hill Grill gift certificates are a perfect gift for any occasion!