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Gibbet Hill Grill Bar Expansion

We are very excited to announce that for the first time since we opened 12 years ago, Gibbet Hill Grill will be undergoing a significant renovation and expansion.
Many of you have experienced first hand the tight quarters that exist in the lounge area on a busy night.  It’s a problem that we have known about for years, and are excited to finally be able to solve.  This fall and winter, we are pushing back the walls in the bar area and expanding it by approximately 16 bar seats and 23 lounge seats.  There will now be ample space for a drink or bite to eat before dining, and we are hopeful that it is going to enhance the experience of dining at Gibbet Hill more than anything we have done since opening.  
We are also happy to announce that, through careful planning, we will be able to keep the restaurant open during the entire renovation.  How is that possible?  Well, the initial work of building the addition, which all occurs outside, will commence on Monday, November 7th.  From the inside of the restaurant, there will be no visible changes.  It will be the same Gibbet Hill Grill as always.  Starting after Valentine’s day, however, the lounge area will be walled off and there will be a period of weeks when just the lounge area will be closed.  The restaurant will remain open, all beer, wine, and cocktails will still be available, and from the dining room side of the fireplace, there will be virtually no changes.  
Check back here, or on our social media accounts, for construction updates!