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A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens gave his first public reading of A Christmas Carol in the United States on December 2, 1867 at the Boston Parker House Hotel.  The book has since been translated into over 40 languages and has never been out of print since it’s original publication in 1843.  It has been made into over 100 different movie adaptations including the original black and white silent film of 1901, George C. Scott’s television classic in 1984, Scrooged with Bill Murray in 1988, and A Muppet Christmas Carol in 1992.  In high school, the head of my school read A Christmas Carol to the entire student body every year.  It was meant as a reminder to us all to be kind, generous, and loving.

Everything in this gingerbread display is edible and can be purchased at a supermarket or convenience store (except the shiny metallic balls which, although completely edible, are easier to find online).  No additional supports or adhesives were used.  The structure used approximately 30 pounds of sugar, 6 dozen eggs, and a lot of glitter.

And as always, special thanks to all of the Elves:

  • Helper Elf: Nancy Webber
  • Special Teams Elf: Robin Gustafson
  • Savior Elf: Meredith Kelsey
  • Emergency Elf: Keith Goguen
  • Eldest Elf: Alice MacGregor
  • Emeritus Elf: Steven Webber

Additional thanks to all the other elves who contributed: Heather Campbell, Matt Neithercott, Lily Webber, Yer Yang, Tom Totman, and the entire bartending staff of the Gibbet Hill Grill.

Happy Holidays,

Kate Webber