2021 Gibbet Hill Cattle Run Race Results

Thank you to all the teams who joined us for the 5th annual Gibbet Hill Cattle Run!  We had incredibly muddy conditions, but our runners still kept smiling.


Bib Number Team Name Category Time
39 Goat room and Sarah CO-ED 57.16
13 Moooovers and Shakers CO-ED 1.03.21
14 Running with Anna FEMALE 1.03.50
15 Hills4Ever CO-ED 1.04.30
3 Gibbet Hill Grill WRG 1.05.16
8 Monkey Wizards MALE 1.05.21
25 TaKy G’s CO-ED 1.12.35
38 Team Squannie CO-ED 1.13.13
16 What Willie was talking about. FEMALE 1.14.06
33 Meat Machine MALE 1.15.44
36 Chicks with Kicks FEMALE 1.15.46
45 Going Grey Ghosts CO-ED 1.16.16
43 2 Engines & 1 Caboose CO-ED 1.16.26
Bib Number Team Name Category Time
17 New Entry Farmers Team 2 CO-ED 1.17.24
40 Goat Hill AC MALE 1.17.32
2 Great Marsh WRG 1.17.46
22 Webdegalacchi MALE 1.18.09
19 Miles4Meat FEMALE 1.18.10
20 Rotten Oranges CO-ED 1.19.02
1 Scarlet Oak tavern WRG 1.19.56
30 Meat sweats MALE 1.22.08
35 Cow Tippers CO-ED 1.23.08
11 The Dude Abides CO-ED 1.24.09
21 Hold My Beer CO-ED 1.25.26
18 Go Grey Ghosts FEMALE 1.26.15
34 Reach Athletics- Cow Tippers CO-ED 1.26.15
12 St Arnaud CO-ED 1.26.15
Bib Number Team Name Category
10 The Beefcakes MALE 1.26.50
9 We got the Runs CO-ED 1.26.54
44 Pinched Nerve FEMALE 1.27.25
37 The Bad Mother Runners FEMALE 1.29.17
32 The Nightmares FEMALE 1.30.22
29 Early Defibrillation MALE 1.31.05
27 Moms Gone Tired FEMALE 1.31.28
23 There’s A Lot At Steak FEMALE 1.31.42
46 Look At Them Oranges FEMALE 1.31.51
42 Chasing Cocktails FEMALE 1.31.52
24 The BBQ crew CO-ED 1.33.01
4 Tramps Like Us FEMALE 1.35.47
7 New Entry Farmers CO-ED 1.37.31
6 Yee Yee MALE 1.42.32
31 Brunettes & Beers FEMALE 1.48.03
Bib Number Team Name Category Time
41 Divine Swine FEMALE 1.48.05
5 The Hamburglars CO-ED 1.48.09



Webber Restaurant Group and the Current Staffing Crisis

The Webber Restaurant Group is pleased to announce initiatives to address the current staffing crisis and to recognize our incredible employees who have been with us throughout the COVID crisis.  We couldn’t have remained open throughout this period without the hard work and loyalty of our staff, and the Webbers are incredibly grateful.

This past year, our industry has sustained massive financial losses and many businesses did not survive.  Webber Restaurant Group made a commitment to our staff and our customers that we would do everything possible to stay open and weather this difficult period. Now, we are ready to return to full capacity operations, but a nation-wide staffing crisis is preventing us all from returning to business as usual.

Our current restaurant employees are stretched incredibly thin. It is not a sustainable situation, and we are prepared to do what is necessary to address this crisis head-on.

We want to be the best place to work for our staff so they can be happy, fulfilled, and prosper, and so we can provide the highest quality experience for our guests. Webber Restaurant Group is offering a company-wide LOYALTY BONUS to the hundreds of our hard-working team members at Gibbet Hill Grill, The Barn at Gibbet Hill, Scarlet Oak Tavern, The Bancroft, The Grill at Great Marsh, and The Double Bull who have weathered this COVID storm with us. We want to let them know how appreciated and valued they are to our company and to the Webber family, specifically. Loyalty bonuses will range from $250-$1000 and be based on length of service and location. Employees will receive specific details on amounts and payout dates from their respective general managers.

To provide much-needed support for our current operations, we will be offering substantial SIGN-ON BONUSES ($1000 for full-time, $500 for part-time) for high-priority, critical-need departments to attract new employees to join our team.

In addition, we are offering a STAFF REFERRAL BONUS of $250-$500 for any team member whose referral results in a new hire anywhere in the company.

Listings can be found HERE for specific high-priority departments.

We have every confidence that we will get through this difficult period and come out the other side stronger than ever.  We look forward to serving the public at full capacity and with enough staff to provide the high-quality experience that we are known for and that our guests deserve.

Thank you,

The Webber Family

2021 Gibbet Hill Cattle Run & BBQ

REGISTER NOW for the 2021 Gibbet Hill Cattle Run & BBQ, to be held on Thursday, July 22 at 6pm.


Details will remain the same as previous years: 3-person team relay race, around the property of Gibbet Hill; teams must raise a minimum of $225 to participate; all monies raised will go directly to local charities; and of course, a fantastic BBQ after the race!

See you on July 22!